About Ledger Up

At Ledger Up we strive to fulfill the growing need of many small businesses that start up and struggle without financial guidance.



Collaborative Business Development Support

We provide this by using our combined 10+ years of entrepreneurship, bookkeeping and accounting knowledge to not only provide full-cycle bookkeeping, which is detailed enough to support any CRA review or audit, but also give financial analysis and advice through our outsourced CFO service.

Bridging the Gap Between Accountant and Bookkeeping

Business owners often turn to their bookkeepers or accountants for financial translation and strategic planning. However, these professionals are often busy, leaving owners to interpret financial statements themselves, diverting valuable time from business operations.  That’s why we offer outsourced CFO services alongside bookkeeping, providing comprehensive support for efficient and transformative decision-making.

By supporting small business owners using a collaborative approach that is rooted in your financial statements to help guide you through the business development and growth planning process, we believe we can achieve everyone’s goals.

You started your business because you have the passion and knowledge of your field, let us bring our passion and knowledge alongside so your focus can stay on your business.

Our Values


We prioritize accuracy in every aspect of our bookkeeping services to ensure that your financial records are precise and reliable for decision-making and compliance purposes.


You can count on us to deliver consistent and dependable bookkeeping solutions, meeting deadlines and providing timely insights into your financial health.


With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in bookkeeping and accounting, we bring valuable expertise to your business, helping you navigate financial challenges and optimize your financial processes.

As a member of the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB Canada), we adhere to the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct put forth by CPB Canada. To learn more about this code visit CPB Canada’s Website

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